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The holiday season is a heavy time for travel and there are several ways to keep yourself from getting sick.

There are many different types of viruses going around this flu season and flu shots just cannot cover everything. According to retired Pharmacist David Foreman, we are constantly exposed to all kinds of bugs during the winter months and there are several precautions to take before taking a trip by plane or bus.

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Foreman recommends taking probiotics when traveling as the supplement helps to produce friendly bacteria which supports the immune system. He explains probiotics also help prevent digestive issues that occur when traveling.

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Foreman also recommends AHCC which is a natural medicine. He explains many studies have shown this supplement helps to fight bacteria within the immune system. AHCC could help to fight off bacteria not helped by the flu shot.

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Foreman also emphasizes the importance of exercise and getting enough sleep for maintaining good health over the holidays.

For more information, you can find him online at herbalpharmacist.com.

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