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'Vision 20/20' Hopes To Reform Future Education

Various Illinois school leaders are introducing a program they hope will determine the path of public education for the future.

Vision 20/20 was put together by school administrators and officials to promote their vision for where education should be going. Heyworth Superintendent, Dr. Ty Wolf, believes the people who occupy the school system everyday should determine its future.

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The hope is the general community will get behind the program and understand its vision. According to Dr. Wolf, school needs to be about more than just math and reading, he believes school needs to about "developing the whole student".

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Perhaps the most common special needs students many may think of a district taking on are those with some sort of disability, however, Dr. Wolf notes, it is actually students in poverty. When evaluating school districts, many times the students with special needs are not accounted for. Dr. Wolf's believes districts should not be penalized for needing to provide those students with more resources to learn.

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Dr. Wolf feels school districts have the ability to allow students to be better and it can be accomplished through investing in kids and equipping them for better lives.

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