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A busy Saturday night for the Clinton Fire Department was followed up by an early Sunday morning call that may have been just as bizarre as their Saturday episode.

 width=A transformer explosion near Calvert Funeral Home in downtown Clinton Sunday morning was called in at approximately 8:30 AM. According Captain Brandon Karr, a single transformer was on fire as a result of the explosion, however, upon arrival, the fire department could not act on the fire because of live electricity.

Crews waited on scene for Ameren for nearly an hour to shut power to the transformer off so they could take a fire extinguisher to it.

Initially, the fire only caused a power outage to Calvert Funeral Homes, but Capt. Karr says once Ameren killed electricity to the transformer, more residents in the area were effected.

Once they were able to extinguish the fire, it was around 11 AM Ameren workers had the transformer replaced and residents were back to full power.

Clinton crews were able to leave the scene at approximately 9:45 AM with their new ladder truck. The ladder truck was on scene because of the height of the transformer on the power pole.

Capt. Karr called the incident simple and they spent most of their time on scene waiting for Ameren.

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