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 width=The Loft in Clinton Thursday was packed with leaders and citizens interested in hearing and interacting with State Representative Bill Mitchell.

Local leaders and citizens stopped in Thursday to voice questions and concerns of the representative who represents the 101st district in Illinois. According to Rep. Mitchell, comments ranged from taxation suggestions to budget questions.

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The crowd on hand was almost exclusively Clinton and DeWitt County residents, and Rep. Mitchell says there are many state issues that have a great deal of relevance to area residents. He points to rural transportation and economic development as just a few.

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Rep. Mitchell was very pleased with the turnout Thursday. He felt as though coming personally instead of sending someone in his place, as is a legislator custom, was a major factor in the solid turnout.

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Rep. Mitchell called Thursday's get together a success and anticipates trying something like that again.

His opening remarks discussed the upcoming budget challenges the State faces and did not provide an optimistic view of the next two budget cycles as Illinois faces an $8-billion debt.

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