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The state fire marshal is urging families to take note of potential fire hazards this holiday season. State Fire Marshal Larry Matkaitis [[ mat-KY-tis ]] advises using only three sets of lights per extension cord, and avoid stringing miles of lights together to help reduce fire risk.

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Matkaitis [[ mat-KY-tis ]] says if you're going to use candles this holiday season, keep them a foot away from anything that can burn, but he advises to use a battery-operated flameless candle.

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Matkaitis says natural trees must be well-watered so they don't dry out, and artificial trees should be labeled as fire-resistant. Plus, turn the lights off before you go to bed, and make sure the tree isn't too close to a fireplace or heat vent. Last year, there were 91 reported home fires caused by Christmas trees and holiday decorations.

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