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The 2015 Spring Semester is coming up quickly for many local colleges and students are in the midst of applying for financial aid.

The most important financial aid document for any college student is their free FAFSA form. Tuition prices are constantly rising and FAFSA can assist in obtaining monetary assistance for education. Lisa Gregory, Executive Director of Public Information with Richland Community College, says there shouldn't be any excuse for students to not apply for aid through FAFSA.

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Billions of dollars in loans and grants are awarded to students each school year, yet many don't bother in applying for it. Gregory notes Illinois students have access to s variety of monetary help and need to pay attention to applications and deadline dates.

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Many myths surround the FAFSA filing process including eligibility due to the age of the student or their GPA. The numerous myths are usually note true according to Gregory. She mentions a student never knows what they are eligible for until they complete their FAFSA filing.

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Gregory says you can get a jumpstart on FAFSA filing by including your 2013 tax information on your online form. Once the 2014 numbers come in, they can be changed without losing your place in line.

For more information on FAFSA filing including needed documents, you can go to www.fafsa.gov.

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