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 width=The DeWitt County Board approved a new method of paying bills at their latest meeting.

Each committee will now be responsible for approving their own bills at each committee meeting. Finance Chairman Camille Redman explains all board members will still receive a list of all bills listed and can ask to have a bill pulled anytime. According to Board Chair David Newberg, the purpose of the motion was to make sure bills are paid on time now that the Board is not meeting three times a month.

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Administrative Assistant Dee Dee Rentmeister notes the new method would help keep bills paid on a weekly basis where in the past, certain bills may have waited for approval up six or seven weeks before approval from the full Board.

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If a Board Member wants a bill pulled, then they will need to contact the Chairperson of that particular committee and County Clerk Dana Smith. Bills that come in after a committee meeting will go the Finance Committee before the full Board meeting if they arrive on time.

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The motion passed 10-2 with Sherrie Brown and Terry Hoffman voting no.

To hear the entire conversation, listen below: 

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