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The Clinton Maroons came back to defeat the Roanoke-Bensen Rockets yesterday at the Williamsville Holiday basketball tournament 59-57.

For the Maroons (5-6), Bowe Carter lead the team by giving them 20 points. Behind him was Tanner White, who had 13 points. Peyton McCubbin and Jacob Overton each had 10 points a piece as well.

For the Rockets (9-2), Luke Rasmussen had an amazing day, leading both teams with 25 points.Ryan Fehr and Klay Nafziger also helped out the team by giving the team another 9 and 7 points.

Clinton's next game will be on Monday at 12 pm @ Williamsville against Hillsboro.The next WHOW broadcast of a game will be Saturday at 2:30 pm as the Lady Maroons will be facing Pana.

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