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Many issues await governor-elect Bruce Rauner and his team when he takes over in January, and one local lawmaker says it will be interesting to see how the incoming Republican handles the issues at hand.

Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner will take office in January and State Representative Bill Mitchell says he's looking forward to a governor who is willing to work with the General Assembly. He believes despite any differences he may have with Rauner, he's been impressed by his hands-on attitude during the campaign.

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Rauner has received some criticism over the last few months because of his lack of experience in government, but Rep. Mitchell believes he's a smart guy who will have a bit of learning curve and a large workload when he takes over the governor position.

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According to the representative, Rauner likely won't receive any help from Democrats during his time in office. Rep. Mitchell does note the governor could see major issues involving the state budget during the coming months.

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Rauner faces major questions as it relates to the state income tax set to rollback and school funding reforms currenlty on the table in Springfield. Rep. Mitchell recently addressed Clinton and DeWitt County residents, and feels those all have major effects in DeWitt County.

Rauner gets sworn in Jan. 12.

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