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 width=After the first semester of introducing new technology into its classrooms, Warrensburg-Latham administrators feel it has been a big success.

ChromeBooks were introduced into Warrensburg-Latham classrooms starting this year and the results of a recent survey indicate, the introduction of them has been a huge success. Superintendent Kristin Kendrick-Weikle explains the ChromeBooks are being piloted amongst the high school freshman and the reviews came back overwhelmingly positive.

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Thanks to the ChromeBooks, the survey indicates students feel they are more organized. Kendrick-Weikle attributes the organization to using GoogleDocs. She feels the two are very compatible and even allows teachers to be interactive at times.

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Kendrick-Weikle believes her expectations of the first year of the pilot have been met. She explains teachers have been pleased with how quickly students have adapted to having the computers in the classroom.

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An unintended consequence of the pilot among the high school freshman has been family members of the students using the devices. Kendrick-Weikle says in some families, the ChromeBook may be the only device they have access to.

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