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Economic Development Leaders Taking Interest In New DeWitt County Board

Economic Development leaders of DeWitt County are taking an interest in the new County Board, and more specifically, the committee system.

The County Board was reorganized with a new Board Chair appointed earlier this month and as a part of the reorganiztion, the former committee structure that was done away with, has been restored. Ruth Stauffer is the Executive Director of the DeWitt County Development Council. She plans to be in attendance of the all of the Committee meetings now for a variety of reasons.

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The financial picture of the County is currently not looking very positive and Stauffer hopes the County Board will realize part of economic recovery is building a business base. She is optimistic the new Board will support economic development.

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Not only is the poor financial standing of the county making things difficult for recruiting businesses, but the poor standing of the state is as well. However, Stauffer remains optimistic the right people are now in place to turn things around.

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Stauffer continues to stress economic development is not something where you'll see results overnight. She feels they are in store for a very prosperous 2015 and hopes to see the fruits of their labor begin to show up for the community to see.

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