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2015 Holds Plenty of Unknowns In Clinton

2015 could be another interesting year in Clinton. Another election looms this spring, economic development remains a point of emphasis and likely financial challenges await the City of Clinton in 2015.

Yesterday we outlined what Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters saw as successes in 2014, but she says 2015 will hold it's separate share of challenges. She points to economic development as priority number one in the community.

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While economic development is a major focal point for the Mayor and her staff, she recognizes Clinton is a bedroom community, but she feels having a solid business foundation is good for the tax base.

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Financially, the Mayor says there is not extra and the city is "keeping up". She feels there are plenty of challenges as it relates to the city's infrastructure. Mayor Peters explains roads, dilapidated buildings and empty lots are just some of the areas she sees as challenges facing the city financially.

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According to the Mayor, it could cost upwards of $10-thousand to bring down a building, and then resell the lot is only around $3-thousand, putting the city in a hole with that process alone. Because of the cost, she explains it limits how many properties they can take on in a year.

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