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Parents Encouraged To Stress Safety Among Young School Age Kids

Yesterday we heard some New Year's resolution suggestions for preschoolers. Today we will focus on a local pediatricians' recommendations for school age kids.

Children ranging from ages 5-12 are encouraged to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle that will carry them through life. According to Dr. Tricia Scerba, Pediatrician with Doctor John Warner Hospital, drinking water and milk in the place of soft drinks and sugary beverages is important for growing children.

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Vehicle safety can be a tricky area as children begin to get older and bigger. For many school age kids may think they are ready to use adult seat belts before they should, so Scerba encourages parents to keep their kids in booster seats until they are big enough to ride without them.

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Most school age kids like to explore and have a very trusting nature, but Scerba asks parents to set ground rules for online usage from an early age. Communication is the key for parents who monitor their child's internet exploration.

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It's very important for kids to feel safe coming to adults for help. She notes authority figures should encourage children to come to them if they are being bullied or are uncomfortable with any situation they may be in.

Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more of Dr. Scerba's resolutions geared toward teens.

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