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Mid-Year Budget Looks Good For Clinton Schools

As administrators of the Clinton School District review the mid-year budget, things are not looking as bad as they could be.

This time of year, administrators sit back and take a look at their budgets and try to figure out where they stand and according to Dr. Jeff Holmes, Superintendent of Clinton Schools, right now the revenues they rely on are all coming in a timely manner, except for the mandated categoricals from the State of Illinois.

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The district is supposed to receive over one million dollars from the state in transportation funds, however, Dr. Holmes explains, this year, they are on pace to receive a new low of around 30% of those funds.

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All is not all doom and gloom for the district. Dr. Holmes points out while the state continues to cut their general budget payments, those are coming in on time and in the amount they have been told to expect.

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Dr. Holmes says there are a lot of mandates put on school districts that don't make sense and create a large burden for them to try to fund, and most of those funds come from their local dollars. He hopes a recent reform effort, Vision 20/20 will help address some of those things and reduce the burden the state has put schools in recent years.

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