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Nutritionist Sees Shift In 2015 Towards Dairy Products

As nutrition and health continues to become one of the hot topics in society, 2015 could introduce some interesting new trends.

This year will see a predominant focus on proteins and their relationships to dairy. According to Monica Nyman, with the St. Louis Dairy Council, dairy has several advantages to other foods. She notes it has natural protein and fills your stomach up faster than other nutrients.

[audio:12715dairytrends1.mp3] [/audio]

Probiotics are another product that should trend upward in 2015. Nyman notes these fermented cultures include yogurt and sauerkraut and probiotics improves the functions in your digestion.

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Nyman sees the potential for the fat free phenomenon to come to an end in 2015. She says consumers are beginning to embrace the idea of healthy fats in their food.

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