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Clinton Mayor Speaks Out On Issue of Exelon Nuclear Power Plant

 width=The Exelon Nuclear Power Station in Clinton has been the focal point of discussion in recent months because of the emerging sources of other variates of energy.

Exelon locations across the state were the subject of a recent study focused on the economic impacts nuclear stations have on their respective communities, and the greater impact a closure of those locations would have locally and from a state level. Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters recently sent Regional Radio a "letter to the editor" giving her stance on the situation.

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Exelon leaders and the Mayor contend Exelon is not at a level playing field as other industries in the energy business. Exelon has been working with lawmakers to bring all energy providers to a more level playing field, and for Mayor Peters, that was part of the reason for taking a stance on the issue.

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According to the Mayor, if Exelon was to close down, the tax dollars generated would be very difficult to replace. Mayor Peters that deficit would unfortunately fall on tax payers across DeWitt County.

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The Mayor has contacted local lawmakers, encouraging them to continue dialogue with Exelon to keep the plant in DeWitt County and plants across the state open.

Read the Mayors complete report here.

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