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Slow, Steady Changes To Diet Best

If changing your diet was one of your top goals this year, have you been able to keep that New Year's Resolutions? If not, one local nutritionist would like to provide some encouragement to get you back on track.

According to Monica Nyman with the St. Louis District Dairy Council, your New Years resolution likely focused on major changes in your diet. She feels the word diet is often thought of negatively because people trying to do too much at one time. Instead, Nyman recommends focusing on gradual lifestyle changes will see greater results and less dramatic stops.

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Nyman offers up the following tips to slowly implementing an improved dite. First, consume nutrient rich foods including grains, dairy and fruits. She explains foods that include empty calories should be avoided when trying to get healthier. Finally, utilize technology. She explains there are great resources that can help in healthier meal planning.

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Eating the right amount of dairy is also essential to daily nutrition. Nyman explains three servings of dairy is required each day. Servings can consumed through glasses of milk, yogurt and a few pieces of cheese. Nyman notes, three servings of dairy also provides the proper amount of calcium your body needs.

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According to Nyman, eating a good breakfast everyday is also one of the gateways to healthy living. She explains the St. Louis Dairy Council will be introducing a new breakfast campaign in March.

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For more information on meal planning, you can go to www.choosemyplate.gov.

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