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Elections For School Board Surrounded By Confusion

 width=The leader of Clinton Schools says the upcoming elections for the school board could be very confusing and hopes to make things more understandable for voters.

Ten candidates will appear on the ballot this spring for election to the Clinton Board of Education. Dr. Jeff Holmes, Superintendent of Clinton Schools says only a limited number of candidates will actually be elected as each township in the Clinton district can only be represented by three candidates. Dr. Holmes points out, voters will be selecting four candidates for four-year seats and one of two candidates for a two-year seat.

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There is a two-year seat up for election, which is the unexpired term from the late-Tom Pruser and Dr. Holmes notes, only two candidate are running for that seat on the board and both are from Clintonia township. According to Dr. Holmes, because both candidates are from Clintonia township, only one other candidate from Clintonia township can be elected to a four-year seat.

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It could make for an interesting election day tally because it could turn out, not all candidates who may get the most votes would be on the school board. Dr. Holmes stresses you can vote for any candidate but that doesn't necessarily mean the top candidates get on the board.

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Election day is Tuesday April 7.

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