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DeWitt County Board Hoping To Make Amends With Landfill

 width=In November of 2013, the DeWitt County Board voted on a resolution that was a breach of contract with the Clinton Landfill. Now, the new County Board is hoping to set aside the vote by the former board to restore their relationship with Peoria Disposal Company.

The vote in 2013 was the former County Board taking a stance on the landfill, thus allegedly breaching the contract with the landfill, which states they would remain neutral. According to Board Chair David Newberg, the County is taking steps they hope will make amends with the legal representatives of the Peoria Disposal Company, the parent company of the Clinton Landfill.

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The former Board reneging on that contract has had major repercussions for the County to this point. According to Newberg it has been a major loss in revenue, between $1.2 and $1.3-million, and is the major driver in the Board approving a deficit budget.

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Newberg says since the County backed out of their contract, the relationship with the Board and the landfill has been quiet, however, he is optimistic they can begin to restore things now that "the atmosphere is a little different right now".

He hopes the landfill representatives will be willing to sit down with the State's Attorney to begin restoring their relationship and avoid a long, drawn out court process.

Many of the County Board members that voted in favor the original motion to take a stance on the landfill issue are no longer serving on the County Board.

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