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Deadline Upcoming For Farm Programs

February 27th is the deadline for landowners to file the first two farm program decisions.

Ag law and policy specialist at the University of Illinois Jonathan Coppess says the time is now short, but fortunately for most corn farmers the decisions should be pretty easy.

Everyone is encouraged to get these decisions made. It is not final program decision, and there is nothing to wait on at this point. Ag leaders say the payment yields is an easy decision. Take the highest yield number.

Base acres is a matter of taking a look at the allocations and deciding what value each crop has under the programs. When talking about Illinois is about how much corn base you start with and how much do you end with. If it increases the corn base, typically that allocation is going to make sense for the farm.

The yield-update and base-acre decisions can be made now. These are due to the Farm Service Agency (FSA) February 27th.

The final farm program decision, the choice between ARC and PLC, is due March 31st.

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