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Monticello Bracing For Uncertaintity Ahead

Despite having a positive budget in the current fiscal year, the leader of one local community is not holding his breath that will continue.

Earlier this week Monticello Mayor gave a positive outlook for the community's 2015 fiscal year, however, he believes rough times are ahead. With the change in leadership in the Governor's Mansion in Springfield, Mayor Chris Corrie says it is a guarantee everyone will suffer.

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The projected recovery time in Illinois is being predicted as short lived, however, the long time Mayor isn't buying in. Mayor Corrie says he's seen this before, he feels it's the same bed but a different pillow.

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Despite the long term outlook to the community's finances, Mayor Corrie feels the city is in excellent shape. He explains the Council is dilligent in their analysis of the financial aspects of the city and feels comfortable with the way they have decided to use prosperity in perhaps their last good chance in a while.

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Mayor Corrie points to a project like their 30-acre outdoor recreation facility as a major undertaking that will likely take much longer than originally anticipated. The Mayor says the focus over the coming years for the Council is going to have to shift to only critical projects or improvements.

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