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Social Security Reminds You To Register Name Changes With Them

Among the organizations that should be notified in the event of a name change, Social Security hopes to be toward the top of the list.

Most individuals will provide name-change information to their employers after an event such as marriage, but will neglect the Social Security office. Jack Myers, with Social Security, explains their office needs documents that will provide proof of the change. They will also need to see proof of ID.

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Another important reason to inform Social Security of a name-change is due to tax purposed. The name on one's W-2 needs to match what Social Security has in order to receive all benefits. Not reporting a name change may also involve trouble with the IRS and DMV later on as well.

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Any event besides marriage that also produces a name change should be reported to Social Security also.

For more information regarding any Social Security topic, Myers encourages you to visit www.socialsecurity.gov.

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