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Measles, Other Diseases Of Concern For Local Health Official

A small outbreak of measles in pockets of the country have health officials baffled because of the refusal of parents to get their kids vaccinated and one local health official says the reasoning is unfounded.

Dave Remmert is the Director of the DeWitt-Piatt Bi-County Health Department and says locally they are not battling measles, but pertussis, or the whooping cough. Remmert says it not only falls on the parents who refuse to have their kids vaccine, but also the schools.

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The fears of the measles vaccines specifically, according to Remmert, are unfounded. He explains the uproar is over an article published in a British Health Journal, and the study done by the doctor was not only found to be unethical, but criminal.

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So if a child is not vaccinated, should they be allowed in public places like schools and playgrounds and restaurants? Remmert says, absolutely not.

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Remmert says the cycle of vaccinations is set for children as they continue to go through the school system, he says it is vital parents be in regular contact with their pediatrician to make sure their children meet the requirements to be in school.

To contact the DeWitt-Piatt Bi-County Health Department about any questions regarding vaccinations, contact them in DeWitt County at 217-935-3427 or in Piatt County at 217-762-7911.

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