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Education, Pension System Winners In Proposed Budget

Governor Bruce Rauner's Budget Address Wednesday afternoon sent a message the Governor is serious about reforms and bringing Illinois back.

Gov. Rauner says pension reform must be the top priority in reforms. He says government cannot continue to tax Illinoisans to fund retirement benefits for a small fraction of the population. He calls it unfair and unsustainable.

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The Governor addressed local government as well. He says while the state tightens it's belt, local governments must do the same. He explains their budgets have increased 42% over the past decade.

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The Governor briefly touched on Medicaid reforms saying they are going to bring back the SMART Act and other measures that were done away not long ago.

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As hinted at in recent speeches, the Governor is proposing big changes to education. Gov. Rauner wants to increase funding to early-childhood education and increase K-12 education by $300-million.

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The Governor also introduced reforms to freeze property taxes, end what he calls corrupt bargains and conflicts of interest, and to give the people of Illinois a choice on term limits.

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