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Organizers Already Gearing Up For 2015 Relay For Life In DeWitt County

 width=Organizers for the 2015 DeWitt County Relay For Life are well underway with plans for this year's event as teams have already begun to form.

Relay For Life is a national, yearly event dedicated to those who are fighting cancer, to those who have fought and won the battle, and to honor those who have passed on from the evil disease. Alison Ooms, with Relay For Life, notes each team walks around the track of Clinton High School to represent the journey of someone with cancer.

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Planning for this year's event is well and underway and they encourage their participants to take an active role in the planning. Ooms explains anyone can attend their planning meetings leading up to the event, even if you are not yet a part of this year's Relay For Life.

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The event is essentially a fundraiser and team's also take an active and creative role in raising funds during the event itself. Ooms adds they have seen very creative ideas over the years.

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This year's event takes place Saturday June 6. The twelve hour event this year will change in time. Oom's notes this year they have decided to go from midnight until noon the next day. We'll have more on this year's event later this week on Regional Radio News.

For anyone wishing to start up a team of acquire more information, you can visit www.relayforlife.org/dewittil.

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