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Heyworth Schools Looking To Introduce New Teacher Evaluations

One local school district is changing the way it evaluates its teachers.

The State of Illinois recently mandated that student growth be part of the teacher evaluation process. Heyworth Schools believes great teachers allow for the greatest student progress. Superintendent Dr. Ty Wolf explains Heyworth is creating a new evaluation process to be put into practice for the next school year.

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The new evaluation process allows teacher to focus on assessments that are classroom specific. Wolf notes subjects such as art will now be evaluated for the traits that are appropriate to their curriculum.

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Dr. Wolf approves of the new evaluation system because it focuses on how each student's unique skills can be developed through a teacher's curriculum. He adds education has had too narrow of a focus for the last couple decades and has needed to expose kids to a wider scope of information.

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Dr. Wolf praises teachers in the Heyworth district for diligently planning what they want to teach and always keeping their students in mind.

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