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DeWitt County 708 Board Continuing To Support Children's Advocacy Center

The DeWitt County 708 Mental Health Board is once again stepping up to help out a local group aimed at providing abused kids with the care they need.

The Children's Advocacy Center, or CAC, which serves DeWitt, McLean and Livingston Counties, was the recipient last year of a grant through the 708 Board to provide the community with a Counselor after hours. According to Judy Brucker, Executive Director of the CAC, they found the grant and Counselor's presence to be a big success.

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The CAC provides counseling to all their clients, but for families in DeWitt or Livingston and even rural parts of McLean County, they would have to travel to Bloomington. Brucker indicates her initial hesitance was quickly eased by the response from DeWitt County to having a Counselor in the community.

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The cases the CAC has dealt with in recent months have been difficult and Brucker feels without the support of the 708 Board, the kids in those situations may not have been able to have adequate access to the counseling they need.

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The Children's Advocacy Center is a non-profit group that provides children who have been in some sort of abusive situation with counseling and advocacy through the legal process.

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