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Preventing the Flu Easy During This Flu Season

The flu season is still among us and there are several ways to prevent sickness in your everyday life.

There are many cost effective and natural ways to help prevent the flu out there and Pharmacist David Foreman recommends probiotics as a great way to keep the sickness at bay. He explains the probiotic called Insync will aid in keeping your immune system healthy.

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Water is also a great solution to keep healthy during flu season. Foreman says cold weather usually dries out the skin and sinuses which greatly increases the likelihood of getting the flu and other sicknesses.

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It's also imperative to keep a distance from people who are sick during flu season. Foreman emphasizes the importance of washing your hands especially in public restrooms.

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Foreman cautions those who work around a group of people daily to keep their hands washed and not to share food or drinks.

He notes with the flu vaccine being very susceptible this year, these steps could not be more imperative to implement in your homes.

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