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 width=Governor Bruce Rauner's budget proposal saw deep cuts to every area of the budget except education.

Many school leaders are celebrating the proposal, however, one is not sold it will happen. Lincoln High School Superintendent Robert Bagby says while the Governor has great ideas and vision for education, he isn't sold it will happen.

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The absence of optimism on the part of Bagby comes mostly from the fact Illinois Republicans and Democrats haven't worked together well for many years. Bagby says if things are going to change, the two sides are going to have to make serious amends and begin to work together.

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Bagby says there is a fundamental problem with the way education in Illinois is funded. He points out Illinois is last in the nation in funding education and feels a lot of the problems are because local citizens are funding schools.

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The Superintendent admits the Governor has a lot of good ideas, but he has talked with the Governor about doing away with many unfunded mandates. That has been a target topic for school leaders across the state.

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Schools across the state in recent years have faced not knowing how much money they will receive from the state when it comes time to budget. Bagby would like to see more timely information come from the state.

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