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Monday, Heyworth students began the strenuous PARCC assessments.

Most schools will start the new assessments next week, but according to Superintendent Dr. Ty Wolfe the district received a waiver that allows them to begin the testing a week early. He notes the waiver is going to be a great boost because the testing is very lengthy per student.

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Dr. Wolf has a big issue with the new PARCC assessments. Combining cuts of recent years along with mandates that come with no funds to implement force districts to do more with less. The Superintendent calls the initiative "a drain on their resources".

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Not only are the assessments a drain on resources, but Dr. Wolfe says they are a drain on their teachers' time. He explains the teachers have been put through a lot to quickly prepare students for these tests.

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Nearly 12 hours of testing will be done per student and Dr. Wolfe points out, the tests are not used to measure student growth or aid in improving instruction. He feels it's another school accountability measure that they are burned out on.

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The tests will eventually go to a 100% online assessment, but for this year, schools can administer paper tests.

Dr. Wolfe says Heyworth schools have good technological infrastructure in place that is going to allow them to test students online.

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