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The Dr. John Warner Hospital Board was the subject of much scrutiny Monday night at the Clinton City Council Meeting.

The animated discussion began with a written statement by Commissioner Nan Crang. In an approximate five minute presentation, the Commissioner questioned the hospital's desire for a management and expressed reasoning for a partnership with a nearby entity.

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 width=The Commissioner believes the only prospects the hospital board has considered are management firms, and Crang questioned if they have considered other options. Mayor Carolyn Peters (right) explains the hospital board has extensively evaluated management firms and encourages her fellow board members to contact hospital board members with questions.

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Commissioner John Wise may have had the most pointed comments of the night, saying the hospital has been a point of control in the community for almost a decade, with little transparency and people wanting to control it.

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The Mayor continues to stand behind the board and their decision making. She explains their decision making has been thorough and does not believe aligning with another hospital is the best option.

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Commissioner Tom Edmunds believes the Board's reluctance to move away from options other than a management firm is them trying to not have to admit they were wrong about pursuing management companies to run the city-owned hospital.

In other business from the Monday night City Council meeting...

>>The purchase of six bullet proof vests for the Police department were approved at a cost of just over $4-thousand.

>>Two handheld cordless radar units were approved also for the Police Department at a cost of just over $1750.

>>City Hall will be receiving new equipment soon. A copy machine purchase was approved at a cost not to exceed $6-thousand. Three new computer purchases were approved at a cost not to exceed $35-hundred. And a new server will be purchased a cost not to exceed $65-hundred.

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