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Many challenges present themselves to the local DeWitt County CENCOM team when it comes to operating 911 calls.

Several challenges are coming to light in 911 operations due to constantly changing phone services. CENCOM Coordinator Tony Harris explains the disappearance of land lines and the emergence of cell phones contribute to confusion at times with the 9-1-1 system.

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Land lines are typically the best device to use when dialing 911. According to Harris, cell phones can be more difficult to locate due to weather conditions or locations without good reception. He also points out, internet based phone services are not as reliable as land lines.

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Wireless services and cell phone carries are always improving their technology and equipment, yet there may always be problems locating someone dialing 911 in certain situations. Harris says CENCOM has had many success stories and are very capable in finding a location through a cell phone though.

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For any questions regarding the 911 process, you can contact your local police department Tony Harris at 935-7880.

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