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One local program is dedicated to assisting local seniors and their families when dealing with Alzheimer's and other illnesses.

The DeWitt County Triad is a program made up of connecting community groups including law enforcement and senior citizens. DeWitt County CENCOM Coordinator Tony Harris plays a major part in Triad and explains CENCOM recently implemented the "R U OK" program which is an automated dialer that checks on seniors at home.

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Now, Triad is working on a new GPS locater for wandering senior citizens with illnesses such as Alzheimer's. Harris recently presented the idea to the Triad Board and says its still a work in progress but feels the program could save lives if implemented properly.

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Triad would like to receive feed back from community members regarding the program. Harris notes there are several Triad leaders for the public to contact and says the organization is looking for a beneficial tool to aid families of seniors during scary situations.

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Triad and CENCOM encourages anyone with new ideas or issues to contact them. The CENCOM office can be reached at 217-935-7880.

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