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Thursday night's DeWitt County Board Meeting featured discussion of the county's current financial situation.

Finance Committee Chair Camille Redman read a letter sent out to DeWitt County department heads and elected officials on Thursday. The letter noted that the committee reviewed the February financial statement from the Treasurer which saw the general fund end the month with $180,000. $400,000 of investments had to be cashed in to keep the fund viable.

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The finance committee is asking each department to eliminate spending that is above and beyond their normal budget. Redman said the hope is that mandatory furlough days can be avoided by this request. She stressed that current negotiations with Clinton Landfill will hopefully lead to receiving host fees once again as well.

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Thursday night's meeting also the Board take the following action:

-Gloria Wills was appointed as County Treasurer with a term set to expire on November 30, 2016.

-A motion to proceed with the design of the new Animal Shelter in the south unfinished building was approved

-A motion to approve the agreement with Paramedic Services of Illinois expiring November 30, 2017 was approved.

-A motion to sell the Haynes building and vacant lot to the City of Clinton for $151,300 was approved.

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