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The Mayor of Lincoln resigned last week due to an appointment from Governor Bruce Rauner's office.

 width=Former Lincoln Mayor Keith Snyder was confirmed to his new position on the Illinois Labor Relations Board last Thursday. He notes he will be working with the state and local unions the collective bargaining process. Snyder has previously served with the Educational Relations Board under former Governor Jim Edgar.

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Snyder is looking forward to being back in the field of collective bargaining. He adds he enjoyed his previous tenure with the State of Illinois and stresses it's an interesting time to be part of the decision-making process.

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Among Snyder's proudest accomplishments during his time as Mayor are the improvement made to Downtown Lincoln. The area has seen some new streetscaping along with a future expansion of the Lincoln Theater. The City has also purchased the historic Lincoln Depot through several grants. Snyder stresses everything accomplished downtown was a group effort by many individuals.

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The future of Lincoln looks bright to Snyder as he concludes his mayorship. He notes the city had to rebuild part of its foundation in order to move forward. Lincoln also hired their first city administrator under Snyder's tenure.

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As of now, Snyder plans for his home to remain in Lincoln and looks forward to seeing the city continue to evolve and improve

The Lincoln City Council are currently in the process of appointing a new Mayor which should take place next month.

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