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Many surrounding communities will see local school board elections next week.

The Warrensburg-Latham school district has four seats open for election this year along with five candidates running. Superintendent Dr. Kristen-Kendrick Weikle explains three of the candidates are running uncontested while the only incumbent has someone running against them.

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The biggest challenge for Warrensburg-Latham's school board right now is district finances. Weikle notes information coming from the state is constantly changing. Consistency among Illinois' financial information would allow the district to perform at a higher level according to the superintendent.

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New school board members for Warrensburg-Latham will meet with Weikle once elected. She will go over the information each member will need to understand when they make decisions for the district. She says the new board member will learn such items as meeting schedules, finances and employee tenure.

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Local school board elections throughout the Regional Radio News area will take place this Tuesday, April 7th.

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