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With exponentially declining revenues for street improvements, communities across the nation are doing more with less today than maybe ever before. Last month, the candidates contending for the Streets and Public Improvements Commissioner position on the Clinton City Council discussed just that.

Incumbent Commissioner Nan Crang would like to get the input of city staff before she makes decisions and points out funding is an issue because nearly every zone in Clinton needs some form of improvement.

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Candidate Mike Bray notes the issues many Clinton citizens have with public streets is the driveways and walkways are all unwalkable. He says taxpayers money needs to be used wisely and the city needs to create a timely plan to improve the streets over the course of a few years.

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Each candidate had a two minutes to address the issue.

The Clinton city election will be held this coming Tuesday April 7th.


Meet The Candidates Forum Part 1

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Part 2

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