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 width=Economic Development in Clinton has been under the microscope in recent months and candidates for the Clinton City Council addressed the issue at a recent "Meet the Candidates" forum at Clinton High School.

Former Mayor, and challenger for the Mayor's chair, Mike Cyrulik was critical of the way economic development has been handled recently. He points to the properties purchased by the city in recent years that are still vacant and feels they should have developers lined up before they go purchasing more property.

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Incumbent Mayor Carolyn Peters says the city is in the process of buying more properties and points to a conversation recently with a developer who encouraged having properties ready to develop. She says they are also seeking out franchises and knocking on doors to get the Clinton name out there.

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Jerry Milton is a former business owner and the Commissioner of Public Health and Safety. He explains ecenomic development is a tough area to deal with but points out there are some good things going on in the community.

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Challenger to Milton, Danny Ballenger, calls economic development the "backbone of the community". He wants to see a better focus on the downtown area and better promote the businesses already here.

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Challenger Mike Bray says it took a group of people to get a lof the larger employers currently in the community to come here and he feels it is going to be a group effort to get more to come.

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Incumbent Commissioner Nan Crang says Clinton should be a destination. She says no one has the answers but leaders need to be creative, talk to the right people and be patient.

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The election is Tuesday.

You can hear the entirety of the "Meet the Candidates" forum from Clinton High School at dewittdailynews.com.

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