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Clinton Community Education Foundation In Midst of Strategic Planning

The Clinton Community Educational Foundation (CCEF) is putting together strategic plans in order to move into the future.

The CCEF has been around for several years and it is gaining momentum through programs and fundraisers and according to Claudine Wargel, with CCEF, the Foundation wants to move onto the next level through strategic planning. She feels it's important for them to think long-term so they can provide better and more services to students and the school districts.

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The CCEF plans to continue their current programs without major changes and Wargel notes some new fundraisers may enter the forefront through after their strategic planning process. She notes scholarships and classroom grants will continue to be in the organization's plans.

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Strategic planning allows many organizations to think big and according to Wargel, the dedicated planning time allows board members and staff to discuss long-term goals and ways to accomplish them.

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The CCEF's current plans include assisting students in taking advanced placement tests as well as partnering with Richland Community College by introducing more dual-credit courses.

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