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Emergency Management Officials Readying for Severe Weather

After a line of severe storms early Wednesday, more storms are predicted into Thursday, with some having the potential to be very severe.

According to DeWitt County Emergency Management Agency Director Teresa Barnett, warm and humid conditions midday Wednesday could give way to storms in the afternoon. She adds things are shaping up to be more eventful Thursday.

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When it comes to the watches and warning notifications, there are very distinct differences between the two. Barnett explains a watch means the conditions are right for severe weather to occur and the watch covers a large area. She adds a warning means there is severe weather imminent.

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Barnett stresses, when you hear the outdoor sirens, the public needs to take shelter. She discourages walking outside for any reason and advises heeding the advice of any weather information centers.

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Barnett encourages all to keep an ear towards their weather radios and their local radio stations for the latest in severe weather information.

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