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The Dr. John Warner Hospital in Clinton continues to report they are in strong financial standing.

Paul Skowron is the interim CEO of the city-owned hospital, he says they set themselves up for much better long term success. He says their patient volume is up, which as a lot to do with the financial improvements.

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Thanks to the improved financial standing the DJWH Board has been able to approve investments in new equipment for the doctors of the hospital. Skowron says this makes their equipment close to state of the art and allows them to compete with the larger facilities.

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While many things go into the amount of traffic in and out of the hospital, Skowron says the staff is the big factor. He points to their dedication no matter the leadership situation and believes they are the main reason things are looking up from a financial standpoint.

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Skowron says their surgical volume is up and it's almost exclusively because of the new equipment they've brought in.

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