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Local school kids are learning about the importance of health and wellness thank to the local 4-H.

Last week marked the first day of "4-H Health Jam" in DeWitt and Piatt County. Local Monticello fifth graders will be learning about medical careers safety at Kirby Medical Center and will attend a fitness camp in May. Sherry Fulton, with the U of I Extension, says the kids are provided with a great experience and a wealth of knowledge to take home. 

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DeWitt County fourth graders will have a similar experience in a couple weeks thanks to the Clinton Community YMCA and Dr. John Warner Hospital. Fulton notes both organizations have always been great partners to the U of I Extension.

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Both sets of community students will be provided with a unique inside-look of their local hospitals. Fulton notes Clinton students will get to view different work stations around DJWH while Kirby Medical Center will present to Monticello students in their ambulance shed.

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Health Jam also provides the students with new forms of exercise they may never have tried before. According to Fulton, the YMCA will provide opportunities to swim along with various workouts like Zumba or Yoga.

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4-H Health Jam field trips in Piatt County were April 8th and 9th and their 4-H Memorial Camp is in May. DeWitt County's field trips are April 21st and 24th.

For more information, you can contact the U of I Extension at 935-5764.

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