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A mutual agreement between the DeWitt County Board and the Clinton landfill was approved at Thursday night's Board meeting.
State's Attorney Daniel Markwell explained he informed the Board of negotiations with the Landfill back in January. Markwell and Landfill Attorney Brian McGinnis reached an agreement after three months of discussion. The agreement includes payment of over one million dollars in unpaid host fees to DeWitt County.

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The agreement also states the Landfill will withdraw their permit application for toxic waste. Markwell also stated any MGP source material will not enter the Landfill.
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McGinnis addressed the crowd saying Clinton Landfill never put hazardous waste in the landfill and hasn't been accused by any governmental body of doing so. He also stated he's taken offense at several untruths made by certain groups regarding the Landfill.
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The agreement between and Landfill and DeWitt County took some hard work according to McGinnis. He hopes both parties can put the past behind them and move forward. The Landfill also wants to repair its relationship with the County and City.
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The Board approved the motion for the agreement 9-2 with Sherrie Brown and Terry Hoffman voting no. Ron Savage was absent from Thursday's meeting.  
Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more coverage of Thursday night's meeting including the resignation of Board Member Danny Ballenger.
To hear the entire Landfill Agreement discussion, listen below

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