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 width=The Warner Public Library in Clinton is normally closed on Sundays, however, this Sunday they are making an exception and are opening their doors for a few hours.

According to Librarian Bobbi Perryman, the library has long possessed a book they had been told had the handwriting of Abraham Lincoln. Since much of the Lincoln narrative in central Illinois can often get worn out, they did not think much of it, but upon further investigation, they learned the book was indeed owned and written in by one of the most influential people in the Country's history.

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The book itself was in sad shape, and Perryman says thanks to private donors, they were able to restore the book, preserve the pages with Lincoln's handwriting, and now they are ready to display it to the public.

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This Sunday from 2-4 pm, the Library will host a special viewing of the book with special guest speakers.

The Library is located at 310 North Quincy Street in Clinton.

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