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Late last fall, a unique bird made it's home in DeWitt County for a short time, and has returned this spring.

According to Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers, the nuisance Turkey Buzzards have returned to the southern part of the community. He explains this was an issue last fall and now they are dealing with them again.

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Once again, the department is out hoping to move the birds along through means approved by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Chief Lowers says they use a certified noise maker that is similar to a bottle rocket to move them along.

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If residents encounter the birds near their property, the Chief asks residents to not take matters into their own hands to deal with the invasive birds, but to notify law enforcement. He says the buzzards are a federally protected species and any hostility towards them is a federal crime.

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Chief Lowers suspects the birds have returned on their way north. He says residents on the south side of the city may here noises that resemble bottle rockets or even small guns. He says don't be alarmed, as they will generally shoot the noise makers off around sunset.

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