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 width=The local Habitat for Humanity is in the midst of preparing their next home.

Their latest property at 815 East Webster in Clinton, is one of three lots the DeWitt County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity owns. Habitat Board Member Norman Emery says the property is being prepared for the Amber Webb family. The house should go up quickly once the foundation is completed and volunteers coordinated.

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Habitat for Humanity looks for three criteria when looking for families in need. Emery notes the process look for need, ability to pay and willingness to partner. The family is not just given the home and will need to put in equity hours in various Habitat projects, including investing time in building their home.

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According to Emery, Habitat acquires proprieties through a variety of ways. They've purchased some lots through back-tax auctions and some properties are sold to them at lower prices. He notes the Webster house has been with them for at least four years now.

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Anyone interested in volunteering for the DeWitt County Habitat for Humanity can find them on Facebook or contact them through e-mail at hfh.dewitt.county@gmail.com.

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