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DeWitt County's leader for economic development is weighing in on the agreement between the Clinton Landfill and DeWitt County.

DeWitt County Development Council Executive Director, Ruth Stauffer, says the agreement between the two sides is a great thing. She recognizes the issue has gotten a lot of attention and feels the agreement is going to allow things to finally settle down.

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While it may not seem significant, Stauffer says having a landfill within a community is a big deal as it relates to economic development. She says it is a lower expense for businesses to anticipate. She also feels having the positive relationship between the community's governmental bodies and the landfill is going to be a positive for economic development.

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Stauffer says the relationship between her office and the landfill never suffered as a result of the lawsuits and everything else that encompassed the county, but she says they were not as available to talk with them as they were prior to the issue coming up. She hopes to resume discussions they had with the landfill representatives in the past.

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