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 width=The City of Clinton has come under much scrutiny in recent years for their purchases of property and lots around the community and one local leader is chiming in.

Monday night the City Council officially sold land owned to a holding company for the building of a new Save-A-Lot store. According to City Commissioner Tom Edmunds, those properties were purchased because run down buildings were being neglected.

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With eyes to the future, the City purchased a parcel of land on South Quincy Street. According to Edmunds, the Council hopes to eventually replace the water tower that sits just across the block from the current property.

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Edmunds indicates the current water tower is very old and will eventually need to be replaced. He feels putting money into fixing it is only "putting good money after bad" as the water tower continues to age.

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Edmunds stresses the project of a new water tower is a very long term project. He felt the opportunity was too good to be passed up given it's proximity to the current tower.

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