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A DeWitt County group aimed at finding homes for animals in the community is excited about the prospects of a new animal shelter.

Second Chance for Pets, who works closely with DeWitt County Animal Control, is a non-for-profit group dedicated to finding abandoned animals and stray animals homes. Heather Wantland with Second Chance stresses they are a separate entity from Animal Control, meaning the new animal shelter is not going to be there building nor is the current shelter's facility.

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While Second Chance for Pets and DeWitt County Animal Control are two separate groups, Wantland says they work together very well. Second Chance works as an advocate group for the animals they bring and use their site for meet and greets.

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Even though DeWitt County Animal Control and the County will have the most use out of the new animal shelter, Wantland says that doesn't mean Second Chance for Pets isn't excited about the building. She says they are excited to have more room for the animals that come to them needing homes from now on.

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To learn more about Second Chance for Pets, visit their website, secondchanceforpets.com.

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