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 width=Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner late Friday afternoon released a 2nd round of potential actions, should he and the Illinois General Assembly not reach agreement on a new state budget by the July First deadline.

Rauner announced a laundry list of potential delays and cuts, including:

--Notifing all State of Illinois vendors to prepare for the potential of a longer delay in receiving payments for goods and services provided to the State.

Effective July First, the governor is planning to:

--Suspend capital projects, including construction at state facilities, schools and colleges.

--Suspend all capital grants for legislators’ earmarks and non-bonded or “pay as you go” capital projects. This freeze does not include road and other Department of Transportation projects.

--Significantly reduce use of outside legal counsel by eliminating and/or reducing legal contracts.

Governor Rauner also announced various actions at many state agencies, including several at the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Those actions, effective July First, include:

--Suspending funding to county fairs for premiums and fairground rehabilitation projects.

--Suspending funding for agricultural extension and 4-H clubs for premiums at agricultural shows.

--Suspending funding for premiums for Agricultural Education Fairs.

--Suspending funding for the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service.

--and suspending funding to the Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

Governor Rauner and the leaders in the Illinois General Assembly continue their lobbying thru the media, blaming each other for the logjam.

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